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tv   LIVE BOS Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee  SFGTV  November 19, 2015 2:00pm-6:01pm PST

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the city of san francisco sfgtv public safety and neighborhood services committee meeting for november 19 will begin shortly. >>
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>> [gavel] good afternoon everyone. welcome to the thursday november 19, 2015 meeting of the public safety and neighborhood services committee of the san
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francisco board of supervisors. my name is eric mar. to my left is supervisor julie christensen and we will have the arrival of our supervisor david campos. our clerk is erica major and televised by sfgtv and thank you so much to them for televising us. please give the announcements. >> please silence all cell phones and electronic devices. speakers cards and documents be parted of the file should be submitted the clerk. items will be on the december 1 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you. thank you supervisor campos for being here as well. please call the first item. >> item 1 is a resolution designating edgewood center for evaluation and treatment facility pursuant to california welfare and institutions code for sections 5150, 5585.50, and
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5585.5 for the youth ages 5 to 17 and authorizing the director of behavioral health services to enter into a designation agreement with said facility. >> thank you and we have a presentation from our public health department. >> this is ken epstein from the public health department representing children youth families of behavioral health. we have been here before. there was a mild change in the designation. we had put one of the wrong designation numbers in there so we're asking to redesignate the csu facility, the crisis stabilization facility for this which is part of the board of supervisors responsibilities. i can answer any questions. >> i see no questions. thank you mr. epstein for being here. let's open it up for public comment. is there anyone from the public that would like to speak? welcome back walter. >> thanks supervisor mar. i
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get so emotional city, every time i think of safety with you. i get so emotional, ain't it shocking what these items can do. ain't is shocking what these items can. do i want to see this item number 1 turn out all right and i can't wait for it to be out of sight. i remember the night the board of supervisors went so much. i get so emotional city every time i think of items with safety in you. i get so emotional good luck edgewood to you. >> thank you. is there anyone else from the public that would like to speak in seeing none. public comment is now closed. [gavel] and colleagues we also have a memo from the youth commission that they looked at this
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resolution, and that they are strongly supportive of it and they have their discussion on this at the november 16 meeting so colleagues the resolution is before us. is there a motion? supervisor christensen. >> [inaudible] so i just want to make a brief comment because this personally meaningful to me. the first meeting of the group they attended in january this issue was before us, and at the time it seemed like a no brainer. we have children in san francisco who if they are in psychiatric distress must be taken far outside san francisco in order to receive treatment and a hardship on them and their parents. turned out there were issues of fair representation and the voice of workers that came up and we were forced to choose between the rights of workers and services deeply
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needed by family and children in our city. i am sad it's taken 11 months to resolve this. i hoped we would have done this much sooner but it's an interesting parenthetical bracket for me in one of my last hearings in this committee i get to finally approve this and to know that the children and family are taken care of. i am also grateful that the issues related to the fine employees of edgewood seem to be on the way to better resolution so i am delighted and grateful to support this at this stage. >> thank you supervisor christensen. so is there a motion to move this forward? so it's been moved and done without objection colleagues. [gavel] thank you. thank you. mis major please call the next item. >> item two is a resolution urging the establishment of fair and effective guidelines for beach fires at ocean beach that protect the public's access to recreational activities and
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support environmental protection. >> thank you. colleagues this resolution comes to us with the cosponsorship of myself, supervisor tang from the sunset, supervisor yee from district 7. all three of us having some parts of ocean beach in our districts and cosponsored by supervisor wiener and supervisor avalos as well. the resolution was introduced several months ago and we held off the urging of the national park service at the time but now as the comment period is continuing for people to give input into the national park service's proposal for further restricting beach fires as they call them at ocean beach it's important that the city have a position and a strong position on the tradition of family and community bonfires at ocean beach. in a city facing a growing affordability crisis as
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we all know bonfires have provided a fire and recreational activities enjoyed by families and beachers and surfs and many others and it's outside and has a good history and non-profit preserving the history of san francisco but they document that the richmond and sunset and west side have a tradition that goes back to 1890 where surfers at kelly cove and in the northern part of ocean beach would surf and warm themselves with bonfires after surfing but the tradition has continued in the early years with drift wood collected for use and in the middle of the 20th century before modern wet suits and the surfers and others would warm around the bonfire and building community and history and traditions in the city. it took place largely
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near the fulton street beach stair wells right now the designated area area for beach fires are allowed and the continue continues today. over the years i wanted to say that the national park service and working with groups and worked together to fully fan the bonfires and eight years ago a community with community based groups and national park service in the city was agreed upon to maintain the beach fires, and today's hearing and as we move forward is really single off of that sense and the communities. i will say when the fire pits were installed in 2007, really beautiful artistic one kept the fires to a controlled area of
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fulton street instead of spreading throughout the beach leading to easier maintenance area for the national park service and also the city, but it kept the fires away from environmentally sensitive areas like the snowy area south of the bonfire area for example and confining to a specific area of the beach made cleanups easier as well. i think it's an example of guidelines that improved everyone's experience and i want to say that the national park service proposed a number of further regulations that i have serious concerns about and the resolution sponsored by a number of our colleagues also expressed those concerns. to me maintaining the level of access free and accessible access is the most important thing, but also as stewards of ocean beach to change the culture of litter and nuisances around the bonfires so trying to work together with the park service to have a shared
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enforcement mechanism so that enforcement is real, but also shared responsibility of changing culture so people leave no trace which is a burning man leaving no trace and by the park service and when you can and cannot have a bonfire and what can be brought to them and what can't and we're protecting the beach while maintaining the tradition. i also wanted to say my offices with others on the budget committee allocated $60,000 from our budget and this past year 185,000 to allow the rec rec and park department to coordinate along with the national park service to have shared responsibility of better clean up, voluntarism, but also better education and cultural change so we can take care of ocean beach by still allowing responsible
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use of bonfires. my hope is that the national park service listens to the local communities. i think there are examples whether they haven't and a new superintendent christine leonards who i believe is sensitive to local communities and by passing this resolution we're sending a strong message from the city but behind the scenes i am doing my best to work with her and her staff to ensure that common interests of the national park service and the city are respected. there's a couple of amendments to the original resolution that draw from data and also kind of put forward bringing it up to speed on the different budget allocations that we have made as a board to increase that shared responsibility of taking care of ocean beach and i'm going to read the quick amendments before we open it up, and we have a number of speakers that will come forward that have been working on this issue for many years and some for decadeses so
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the ocean beach amendments page one lines 19-20 it acknowledges the budget allocations that the city has made to help the national park service with clean up so it says at lines 19-20 "whereas in the spirit of the ocean beach's welfare the city and county of san francisco allocated $50,000 to the parks and recreation department and add in an additional $185,000 in fiscal year 2015-16 to conduct janitorial and maintenance services in a robust outreach and education campaign to ensure compliance with regulations" and the second amendment page two, lines 1-2 "whereas from calendar year 2013-15 only 15 citations were issued by the national park service for illegal fires on ocean beach" and i will thank sasha for gathering the data and we're trying to get more data from the
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police department and others on number of citations for illegal activity and from my understanding there have been very few over the years so national park service almost no citations and from the police very few as well and the last amendment is page two, lines 9-12. it's add additional resolve "that the city and county of san francisco urges the national park service to not implement the current proposal to create a fee base system to limit firings and limits access and financial barrier that affects the ocean beach experience" . those are the amendments that i made. at the end i will move that we accept these amendments as well. colleagues do you have any opening comments? supervisor christensen, supervisor campos. >> thank you. i want to thank you chair mar for bringing the item forward and if i could be add as a cosponsor as well and
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thank you for your leadership. >> thank you supervisor campos. i will add we have a letter from the association of dog patch and we have sally stephens in the audience too and there is a petition and thanks to andrea and others for the hundreds of people that will be signing in support of the petition to maintain the beach bonfires. i also wanted to acknowledge as the incoming chair of the histor -- bay area air quality district and we're going to look at spare the air days season and part of the park service's recommendation but it's too expansive. there are a couple of key weeks which are the main ones with spare the air season is the main concern and a special time when people burn the christmas trees that have
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dried up usually around the beginning of january and a key concern of the particulate matter and the toxic stuff in the air at that time but not the full four month period but i wanted to thank the staff for providing that information and lastly again i have been reaching out to the captain of the richmond station to get accurate data on the number of criminal incidents that occurred and from my understanding it's few over the years despite the national park service's claims there is a lot of crime and what i can see from data and anecdotal information it's not near the amount they're claiming. we have a number of speaker cards that are before us, and i should also mention that there is a public comment period for the beach bonfire that the national park service
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initially set a deadline of i believe it was the end of this week, but they have extended it a few more weeks to december 4, and i wanted to thank superintendent christine leonards for listening to the community to give more time for input into the process. with that colleagues i will open it up for public comment. i have a few speaker cards but if there is anyone that wants to speak they can come forward and i encourage to you fill out a card. [calling speaker names] i'm sorry. i keep butchering your name. [calling speaker names] it doesn't have to be in that order. thank you for being here. >> good afternoon supervisors. thank you very much for this hearing and for the resolution. i work with a group called save our recreation. we're 10,000 plus people in the san
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francisco bay bay and keep this in the area. i support the resolution and the new amendments and it's important for the city to be on record opposing the proposal from the park service and standing for the land standing tradition for those that enjoy the fires. the park service has a problem with the san francisco bay area and want to manage this areas like it's a remote wilderness area. they're going after people that enjoy the bonfires and hike and walk with the dogs and they even implemented a new management plan that eliminates rec region as one of the guide principles of the area. in addition to passing this resolution i urge the city to use the other power it has to get the park service to listen to what the people in the community are saying because they don't always listen unfortunately. some of the
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things they could do is ask the city attorney's office is look into the gold 18 gate recreation area is violating the agreement with san francisco when they gave them the lands. they're supposed to be preserved in spaces with people in a crowded environment with enjoy the open space. yous also have the power of the purse. you are generously giving them money to help maintain and keep ocean beach clean and i suggest that if they go forward with the current proposal that you do not support them with the funding so thank you for the resolution and standing up for this tradition. >> thank you. i should acknowledge that christine leonards, the superintendent i believe is traveling this week and couldn't be with us. sasha could we let the rec and parks representative so jenn is a representative with the
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department. he's coordinated hundreds i believe of volunteers and clean up programs, and been working on ocean beach as well as other areas of the parks and recreation jurisdiction as well but he's the manager of the ocean beach program. >> thank you supervisor mar. and just to let you know we actually just eclipse over 1,000 volunteers for the past fiscal year in terms of folks helping out and cleaning out ocean beach but just to reiterate what supervisor mar has already explained that fiscal year 14-15 an additional $50,000 was allocated to the parks and recreation department and enabled my position to be filled by myself and i have been able to activate a thousand volunteers and colead and lead 45 independent cleanups and habitat restoration projects and i appreciate supervisor mar and his office as well as the city for the funds to allow this program to really take hold. thank you. >> thank you. sasha.
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>> hi. sasha from haynes valley resident of san francisco. i want to thank you for putting forth this resolution and coming out as opposed to the fee base permit system for the parks. i think it's important that we keep them free and available to everybody so they can be shared. if permits are put in not only less people will use them but should you choose to shairt fire that is switching the burden of enforcement onto the permit holder and then you're responsible for the rules being followed at your fire. i have tried to do in the past and it's put me in an unsafe situation as national parks has said that the park police doesn't feel safe giving out citations and that's why they issued on average ten a year over the last three years,
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a little over ten, so given the small amount of citations overall and not just illegal fires i find there isn't a problem there or just enforcement of the current laws which is fine and again i would like to support the resolution but i would like you to add we're opposed to the winter closure because that is four months. we have the books that you can't have fires during spare the air days and that wouldn't change and a 30% reduction at four months and i would ask that you add they try enforcing the existing rules before changing anything and install better signage that doesn't require a smartphone to access the rules and that is what is in the proposal that they work with the safe way and other retailers around them to let them know that glass and alcohol and wood are not allowed on the beach. people don't
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know. i went out on the beach and let people know and i would like to say quick of the first 40 comments received by -- >> please continue. >> oh thank you. the first 40 comments received by national parks 33% were against the permits, against the winter closure and against their new proposal. 33 out of 40 were against that. five were for it because of air quality and one said they like the permits rather than banning the firings all together and i would urge you to ask them what the public comments say. i have been sending people to the link because i need as many comments as possible. i know 3,000 was required last time to not ban fires so if you could ask national parks to see the comments they may share them with you. thank you. >> thank you. mr. price. walter i have called a number of
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names. if you want to speak fill out a card. >> i am with a [inaudible] with borders. we built artistic firings and on the beach with the understanding that the park service would match and expand those. the reason they were going to close fires on the beach they said there was a big mess and it was all over the place and let's do it in certain places and people know how to follow the rules and like a garbage can they know how where to put the trash and they didn't do that and now there are few to none and not surprisingly they have fires all over the beach and the park service says there is a mess we can't handle this and we need to do an expensive permit and 12 spaces and fix the problem. no, the solution to
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ocean beach is more places for people to follow the rules and understanding what they r case in point. huntington beach has 125 pits and spent less to clean them than the park service spends to clean ten. >> tom, you said 125. >> 125 fire rings and the park service says they can't clean ten for $90,000. the reason there is a mess on the beach there is no where to follow the rules and have the mess in a contained area to be cleaned up. every single public hearing that has been held, every meeting, every public comment for a decade has been overwhelming in support of free public access to this one remaining thing in san francisco that anybody can do that you don't need a smartphone or a wallet for. we really
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appreciate the council's support in preserving that operation and opportunity. >> thank you and thank you for sharing the history and the fundraising history and the partnership at that time. i have more speakers on the list. so if your name has been called please come forward. we have walter paulson that would like to thing. >> i am a resident of district 8 and thank you for the attention to this issue and ocean beach fires are great part of san francisco and the bay area community and like the other members have said we are facing this restriction throughout the national park service and other recreation areas where they become focused on the environmental causes but unbalanced in the direction of keeping people out and watching tv at home instead of nature because all humans have impact and i appreciate this and in support of the proposal and it
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would be wonderful if the city could recommend the maximum firings in the proposal and great if the city could support that and there is a concerning issue this would come back every year and in the process and wonderful to make sure that the annual process is not by default to go through the whole process again. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker ms. stephens. if anyone else would like to speak please come forward. >> sorry. yeah. my name name sally stephens and chair of sf dog and supporting the bonfires and those that enjoy the fires at the beach. as other speakers said there is concerned effort from the national park service to remove recreation from the golden gate area. the general management plan is recreation is no longer a guiding principle. we're fighting the same fight
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in the attempts to where you can walk with your dogs and basically we're fully supportive of recreational access here and especially on ocean beach. it's our city's play land. it's our backyard. i adopt to encourage and perhaps the board to consider adding a request for more fire rings. the ten or 12 they have now is not enough and that would help as people have indicated it would help a lot. basically the park service has found $165,000 to enforce the permits to basically stop people from enjoying ocean beach when they enforce things rather than finding a lot of money to maintain the beach which allows people to continue to enjoy recreating on the beach so i fully support this resolution,
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and hope that the park service will actually begin to listen to what the public thinks about these issues. thank you. >> thank you. is there anyone else that would like to speak? please come forward. >> please don't fall into a ring of fire. you might fall down and the waves will get hirer and it burns, burns that beach fire, beach fire. please don't fall into a burning ring of beach fire. you might fall down, down, down and the waves will get higher, and it burns, burns, burns, that beach fire. please be safe with the fire. >> thank you for honoring the men in black. i just got back from the johnny cash museum in
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nashville. i love that. next speaker. >> hi. my name is paula brown and i'm want going to enjoy the beach anymore. i lost my son. we used to go to the beach and i put him in the shorts and bring our little fire things there to set the fire. definitely when they had the fun house down at the beach. i have been living in this city for 55 years now, and i am so saddened that i'm not able to go to the beach and enjoy it anyway. that's a shame that i can't even enjoy the beach anymore because my son is gone, so we need to have people -- heal people so they can start enjoying the city beaches again. i am coming here because we're talking about certain things,
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but if we are talking about this this is relating to everything. i am not coming to sing to you or give you a heart felt story. i am coming as a parent who has lost a child and i am not able to enjoy the scenery of the beach, the water, the sand and walk my kids they have left that are still living to walk on the beach anymore because we're missing one child. i am missing one child. i want these cases solved so that we can enjoy the scenery on the beaches and the sand again because i am suffering and i want to be able to enjoy life again. my life has lessened. i die daily. i want to enjoy the water, the sun, bonfires, all the above. thank you. >> thank you ms. brown. is there anyone else that would like to speak?
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>> my name is shawna earls born and raised here in san francisco, spent many days at the beach, many days at the water. took my children. they were raised at the beach. we had many good times at the beach and my son dante glen was taken away this year in the city of san francisco where we were born and raised and i am just asking, and i am just pleading that you all take the guns off the streets. the guns are not just mysteriously -- just making it here to san francisco. they are being planted all over the projects on the beaches as well, so i am just asking so i can
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have peace and go to the beach and enjoy the beach. i am just asking please, please i would love to have my son's murder solved. i don't want his murder to be one of the ones that go cold. i would san francisco to have 48 hours. we need 48 hours in san francisco because it's no murders being solved in san francisco, so thank you. >> thank you to both of you for bringing such a great important issue to us, and talking about its relationship to ocean beach and keeping it accessible for everyone. i wanted to say that if there are no other public comment let's close public comment. i wanted to read into record the comment from bruce wilk the president of dog park "the golden gate recreation area under the national park service provides the needed open space of the people of bay area and the
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purpose was to assure the preservation of open space to provide public access along the waterfront and to expand to the maximum extent possible the outdoor recreation opportunities available to the region. national park service is performing ownership than appropriate management on behalf of the tax paying public to enjoy the open areas and parks and space. san francisco has limited open space to recreate and thus they're in our backyard and recreational area plus is our only beach front to enjoy the famous west coast sunsets. the people of san francisco did not give them rights to maintenance and stewardship of the shoreline to corner it from the public use which the restrictions are surely slowly seeking to do. this is not a national park in the middle of the wilderness area and an area adjacent to one of the dense
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metropolitan cities in the nation san francisco. it's highly inappropriate for them to refer to this as a national park and not referred to as such in law, and i will just say the last photograph is dog pack sf urges all san francisco supervisors to support the resolution and send a message in our collective voice as a city to prevent doing this and signed bruce wolf dog pack of san francisco. so colleagues we ended public comment. are there any comments before i make my comments? i see no comments. i did want to acknowledge that a number of the commenters suggested language changes. i'm going to say that i'm not going to accept additional
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amendments, but to sally stephens asking for more fire rings i believe the park service is considering up to 20 fire rings but i still would urge more, and tom price's data of huntington beach having 125 fire rings clean up at $50,000 i will ask also why they can clean up so many more versus what the national park service says is their clean up budget for our little 10-12 rings or it's even unclear how many there are right now. i will also say that sasha maureeny mentioned a number of suggestion and it is winter closure season, the four months seems to be way too much and i am doing my best to work with the bay area air quality management district when the highest percentage of spare the air days and the particulate matter in the air so i am
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working on that behind the scenes and enforces rules and signage and working with safeway and other partners and education and those are issues that communication with the national park service i know is ongoing and i will do my best to communicate those as i meet with the superintendent as well. lastly funding besides the city and the national park service the parks conservancy and other non-profit entities that fund land outlook out to other areas we will begin discussions with other sources of funds so that the education, the enforcement, and the creating a sustainable bonfire system could be even more of a partnership with others as well, so i am doing my best to commit to that and urge my colleagues to support the amendments that have been introduced today at this committee, so i see no other comments. is there a motion supervisor campos. >> great. do we need a motion
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to amend the resolution along the lines described by chair mar? so i would make a motion to do that. >> okay. can we do that without objection to accept the amendments? [gavel] thank you. >> i would like to move the item as amended forward with a positive recommendation. >> thank you. and can we do this without objection colleagues? [gavel] thank you. thank you everyone for coming out. ms. major please call the next item. >> item 3 is administrative code for storage of peace officer of leaving firearms in a vehicle under the peace officer's control either in a locked contain or a locked truck of the vehicle. >> and the sponsor is supervisor campos. >> thank you very much mr. chair, chair mar, and i actually have copies here for my colleagues. i have an amended
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ordinance and maybe the clerk can help us distribute the amendment to my colleagues. so this is a very important issue, and we get an opportunity and the board of supervisors to work on very important matters, but very few matters are matters of life and death, and what we're talking about today is a crisis that's not only impacting san francisco but the entire state and the entire country, and that's the crisis with the proliferation of guns and firearms and what this ordinance does is addressing the specific issue of a gun, a firearm being stolen from a vehicle. when we
2:50 pm
first introducinged the ordinance that's before you that ordinance was part of a larger strategy that we called security not scapegoating and it was a package of three items that specifically tried to respond to the tragic death of kate steinle here in san francisco. one of the things that we did as part of this package was to deal with the issue of better coordination among law enforcement within san francisco to make sure that if we are going to request a transfer of an individual because of an outstanding warrant that we have the sheriff's department, our district attorney talking to one another to make sure that the specific transfer made sense in light of the specific charges pending in a case. the second issue dealt with the issue of the most recent iteration of
2:51 pm
the so-called secure communities which is the priority enforcement program that essentially tried to get san francisco to engage in the enforcement of immigration laws. the third piece of that package which is what this ordinance addressed is the issue of law enforcement agents leaving guns in their vehicles and those weapons being stolen, and when we first introduced this legislation the focus of the legislation was on how law enforcement personnel dealt with weapons that they left in their vehicle, and as we have gone through the process, the legislative process, we recognized and we have learned that the issue is much greater than simply law enforcement, and that in fact what we see throughout the bay area,
2:52 pm
throughout the state and the country is an unfortunate trend where you have individuals, law enforcement personnel, but civilians as well, leaving weapons in vehicles and those weapons being stolen and ending up in the wrong hands. in the bay area loon this year there have been several cases where guns have been stolen from vehicles and in turn used in tragic criminal activity. in august officers from the ec berkeley and others had guns stolen in the east bay. in october a gun stolen from a tourist vehicle in fisherman's wharf was used in two killings in the city. in october a
2:53 pm
california highway patrol officer had a personal firearm stolen from the vehicle in san francisco so after look at the trends we decided to expand the law that we introduced and going forward anyone that stores a gun within a vehicle in the city and county of san francisco must secure the firearm in the trunk of a vehicle and disable any automatic levers. if the trunk is not enclosed the firearm must be secured in a locked box that is affixed to the vehicle. right now california statutes that govern the transportation of guns in cars are vague in terms of the requirements for storing those firearms. here in
2:54 pm
san francisco we have an opportunity to make the rules clear for everyone and we want everyone storing a gun in a vehicle in san francisco to understand their rights and responsibilities. again we should be preventing the theft of vehicle or property within a vehicle but when that theft happens and you have a weapon that is found in that vehicle that horrible incident can lead to something even more tragic. the penalty for violating the law as amended would be a misdemeanor violation and a $10,000 fine. the convinces
2:55 pm
gun theft is serious and according to the a tf10000 guns were stolen and 15% those guns were actually used in a crime. in 2013 approximately 9,000 californians were victims of gun violence and this is in a state that actually has the toughest gun control laws in the country. nearly 3,000 of the victims that were killed included -- of the 3,000 victims killed 251 were children and teenagers. more than 6,000 people were injured including 1300 children and teenagers. it's our responsibility here in san francisco to do everything in our power to create reasonable laws that protect san franciscans from gun violence. this amendment is a common
2:56 pm
sense amendment that does just that so we can be the safest city when it comes to the issue of guns here in san francisco. i want to thank our police department. i want to thank chief greg suhr for working on the legislation and his support. i want to thank a number of individuals that have been helpful and assisted us in making this legislation happen. this would be the first of its kind legislation in the state of california, and we believe that this is something that hopefully once we pass this piece of legislation in san francisco the rest of the state can follow suit. we want to see something similar for the rest of the state of california. i want to thank hillary ronan of my office who has been working with me on
2:57 pm
this issue. i want to thank all the folks who have come out to an earlier press conference and who will be here today to address this important issue including president breed who came to the press conference earlier so with that colleagues you have copies of the amendment, and i would before we turn it over to public comment make a motion to amend the legislation along the lines that have been outlined. >> thank you supervisor campos. so we have a number of speaker cards. i will read them off. [calling speaker names] and if there is anyone else that would like to speak please come forward as well. >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is allen supervisor
2:58 pm
martinez and you know my nephew was killed a year and a half ago and i learned about this issue and my brother is working for gun safety now and i asked the statistician about this issue and he said they were working on a report. it's a national problem but it's hard to get statistics because they're held in such a diverse sorts of ways but there are other municipalities around the country enacting legislation of this type, and i applaud making it a more general law to apply to everyone, not just law enforcement. the excuse that the nra gives for enacting legislation for this and not doing it it doesn't solve the whole problem but we didn't do that with car safety in the 60's. it just wasn't seat belts that made the car safeties but
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air bags and structural changes to cars and roadways to madd and making people responsible around drinking and driving. it took thousands of things and approaches to make driving safer in this country and as long as we're going to live with guns and we are going to live with guns we have to do enact thousands of measures making owning a gun safer and i think this is appropriate and i think this is important to make guns safer in this way. thank you. >> thank you mr. martinez. next speaker. >> i would like to -- [inaudible] again -- >> [inaudible] >> overhead please. again i am shawna earls. my son was dante glen and murdered in san francisco where we were born and raised. we both were city and county workers retired last
3:00 pm
year. and my heart is just so heavy. it's just so heavy because in dealing with people i talked with the mayor. i talked with the chief of police. they gave me my meeting, my time, and i am hearing we don't want to make an arrest. we want to have a conviction, but i thought that was a good thing, but until i met up with the group of women, a whole group of women that lost their children to the streets of san francisco. basically they go back for 15 years of hearing "i don't want an arrest. i want a i d conviction" i don't want his case to go cold and i want someone to do their job and get out there. there is not enough
3:01 pm
investigators, homicide investigators and we need 48 hours here in san francisco. every morning we turn on the news kids are murdered and no murders are being solved, murders of color anyway. no murders of color are being solved and i need peace. i need some peace. i need some rest. i am like everyday i am trying to figure out what can i do? what can i do? and i was told today to take it to 850 bryant. i'm sorry but i'm not going to 850 bryant. i might go there but i am coming here to city hall, whatever it takes but we need 48 hours here because they're not solving any cases. they're not solving any cases. >> thank you ms. brown. >> yes again hello. my name is pallet brown. and again as the mother said these guns are killing our children and i
3:02 pm
wanted to thank you david campos about implementing this gun control thing about the people selling guns -- or stealing guns out of a car. i can say this. my son was shot with a gun with these people in a car. these guns weren't concealed. these guns were in the front seat of someone else's car and used that gun to shoot my son, so i thank you for implementing this. that the guns need to be put in the trunk and a locked box so it won't be premeditated to go and kill someone. you know i bring this because i say right here gunfire are the third leading killer of children ages 1- 17.
3:03 pm
this was on 20 /20, and my son was only 17 when he was shot 30 times with a semi automatic gun, so i say this to show you what bull the bullets look like and this was my son and his dead body on the gerney and guns stolen out of the car and kate steinle and a beautiful woman and her parents are grieving just as much as we are grieving so this is a great thing for mothers like myself that guns and the law enforcement are being held accountable too about their guns being in their cars and they need to be locked up also. law enforcement, public -- it doesn't matter who it is. whoever buys a gun lock that gun up. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker.
3:04 pm
>> i am father richard smith from the episcopal church in the mission. these are the heroes but let me lend a word of support. in the mission twice a month we in the faith communities do night walks and we walk the neighborhood and stop now and then to remember victims of gun violence and we remember for example benny martinez who was shot and killed one block from my church a year ago, and he was 24 year's old at the time but when he was 11 year's old he saw his mom shot and killed on the front steps of the family home. just a few feet where he was killed jose escobar was killed from gunfire and we walk up and another person was killed six shots in the back from san francisco
3:05 pm
police. too many moms and dads have shed tears from losing sons and daughters from gun violence. too many parents and i include myself and worry about our kids because we don't know if they're going to be safe. this is not how god intended us to live with the fears and tears. we know this is a larger fabric of gun violence across the country and extends from santa hook elementary school with kids were killed to ferguson to rose berg to san francisco. since the mass shootings in newton of the first graders there have been 150 more school shootings and it could happen here. this common sense resolution that david campos put forward gives me help that the city st. francis can help with the bloodshed and end
3:06 pm
it and do our part to make a difference to make an end to the needless and senseless bloodshed. >> thank you reverend smith. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm alison alderman from the law center to prevent gun violence and much of the work we do involves supporting smart effective gun legislation such as this one and the law center is proud to work with the city and county of san francisco for over 22 years to make it safer from gun violence. although the rate of gun deaths is lower in california than any many other states in the country gun violence remains the serious threat to californians. in 2013 approximately 9,000 californians were the victims of gun violence. nearly 13,000 killed including 251 children and teens and 6,000 injured including
3:07 pm
1300 children and teens. thank to the courageous leadership of san francisco it has enact the some of the best gun laws in the country and many of the laws in san francisco have been replicated at the state level making california also one of the states with the strongest gun laws in the country if not the strongest gun laws in the country, so this is exactly what supervisor campos is doing today. he is extending this tradition of leading the state and the nation in smart gun legislation by requiring gun owners who leave firearms in unintended vehicles to safely store them making them inaccessible to burglars and other unauthorized users such as children. unfortunately when they leave guns unintendeded in vehicles they can be stolen. over 10,000 were stolen in california in 2012 and it's an
3:08 pm
under estimate because they're not required to report the stolen guns and this legislation will be the first of its kind in a california city and hopefully state legislators will take notice and enact this at the state level. thank you supervisor campos for introducing this important and groundbreaking legislation. >> thank you. next speaker. mr. paulson. >> always remember keep guns out of reach. then we can say give peace a chance. always remember keep guns out of reach. then we can say give peace a chance. ain't no sunshine when
3:09 pm
the guns gone, only darkness everyday. ain't no sunshine when the guns gone and it's always gone every time you go away. wonder this time where this gun has gone and it's gone all the way. ain't no sunshine when the guns gone. it's always gone and i know, i know, i know. leave that gun alone. airnt no sunshine when you're gone too. ain't no sunshine when you're gone too. thank you. >> thank you. is there anyone else that would like to speak? seeing none. public comment is now closed. supervisor campos. >> thank you very much chair mar, and actually before i make
3:10 pm
comments -- my final comments i do want to ask if we could vote on the motion to amend the ordinance. >> [inaudible] >> so supervisor campos made a motion on the amendments and they're before us. can we do that without objection? [gavel] thank you. supervisor campos. >> thank you. i will simply note this. you know i think that, and i want to thank commissioner mar teen ez for saying this earlier. i don't know if anyone has a solution to this crisis of the proliferation of guns and i don't know how you keep guns from getting in the wrong hands, but i do believe that given what's at stake you really have to do everything you possibly can. i have heard some of the comments from some of the people who have talked about this law, and they say "-- you
3:11 pm
hear this from the nra. "why do we need more gun laws? let's enforce the laws that we have the books" and i am certainly not against of enforcing the laws on the books, but it's clearly not enough. it's not working. the fact that in the state of california you have the toughest gun laws in the books in the country you still have 10,000 guns that were stolen in 2012, and when we look at crime, and especially violent crime, where guns are involved we know that all of those guns -- virtually all of the guns were stolen, so if we can keep guns from being stolen, if we can keep the stolen guns from ending up in the wrong hands we will save lives and the message is
3:12 pm
to educate people, and again we're not taking peoples' rights to carry weapons away from them. we're simply saying if you're coming to san francisco, you're a gun owner, and you choose to leave your gun in your vehicle, we in san francisco ask that you take the extra step of ensuring that there will be limited access to that gun, and that's all we're saying. that's really everything that this is about and when you think about it it's actually very common sensical and what was surprising to me the most is the fact that what we're doing hadn't been done before, so and i think it makes sense that we in san francisco continue to lead the way on this issue, and my hope is that what will happen from here is that we will pass this at the board
3:13 pm
unanimously, and that maybe other jurisdictions in the state of california and other parts of the country will follow suit. again i want to thank all of the folks that helped to make this happen. we heard from the attorney from the center who has been very helpful. my chief of staff hillary ronan but i especially want to thank the mothers of the victims of gun violence who have so much courage, and are using the tragedy of their loss in a positive way, and making an amazing contribution to this city, so thank you for being here and the hope is that we don't have anymore mothers going through this, and then the final point i would say is again to our law enforcement personnel,
3:14 pm
to the chief of police for working with us to make this happen, and to the city attorney's office and other folks that work to move this forward, so i respectfully ask for your support. >> thank you supervisor campos. i wanted just to add my strong support for this and ask to be a cosponsor added onto the legislation. i wanted to thank chief chief for the chief sure and working with your office to implement this and thanks to the coalition of free sf and others for the work to have real solutions for community safety and this issue as well as others. i wanted to acknowledge too that this ordinance is really important. it doesn't contradict state law. it's of a serious and significant local interest that makes us different in san francisco to pass a policy like this given the history of some of the
3:15 pm
incidents that happened recently and over time as well and i applaud hillary ronan from supervisor campos' office and free sf that are behind this historic policy that will be followed by other cities as well. i will make the motion that we support this fully. supervisor christensen. >> thank you. i want to thank supervisor campos. i was proud of the board's reaction to kate steinle's murder and some of the incidents that happened recently. i think this is a very measured and thoughtful response to that unfortunate situation. so congratulations. great idea. i think it was yesterday that the nbc affiliate in the bay area did statistics of their own and million guns were stolen from civilian owners in the last five years and 380
3:16 pm
firearms are missing from local bay area law enforcement agencies, the six in the region, ten of them from san francisco in just the last five years so that is about 76 guns a year that are disappearing from law enforcement. this matter is a particular interest to me. the gun that was used to kill the young woman in golden gate park and the hiker in marin was stolen from my district from a reportedly unlocked car owned by a man that took over 11 hours to report the theft by which time the first murder had already occurred and while the statistics city wide have auto burglar up by 47% the statistic in my district is 78% year over year so in our tourist rich and very dense district we're seeing auto burglars almost dawbled. my reaction to the kate steinle murder basically this was a homeless issue. it was a gun
3:17 pm
control issue and it was an auto burglary issue and i think addressing at least this is one step in the right direction. since we no longer have a place in the city that you can buy a gun i'm not quite sure how we get the word out to owners of weapons that reside within the city about this. i hope efforts are made to publicize it and make people more aware of their responsibility and i think that is another part of that and get the word out that this is now required but i think the idea of having firearms in vehicles secured specifically that the boxes need to not only exist but secured to the vehicle is i think really important. i was recently the victim of a trunk theft and everything that was not nailed down was removed from the car and putting a lockbox in the trunk isn't the solution but additional having them affixed to the vehicle preferably in a
3:18 pm
hidden way is a great idea so thank you supervisor campos. i think this is terrific. >> thank you. we have a motion and can we support this without objection? [gavel] thank you. >> before you take a vote. >> mr. gibner. >> i almost got a promotion there. this item requires another hearing in the committee so rather than forward it to the full board you should continue to the next meeting. >> i move that we continue this item until our next meeting. it's unclear when the next public safety and neighborhood services committee is happening but so to the call of the chair. >> thank you and if i may. >> supervisor campos. >> i want to thank you and supervisor christensen for her thoughtful comments as well. i mean i think one of the things that i am very proud of about the way that san francisco reacted to not only the steinly strategy but other tragedies we
3:19 pm
responded in a thoughtful fact base approach and i think that we need to bring more attention to this issue of gun control and gun safety because it's something that that gets lost. when an incident happening people make it something it's not whether it's targeting immigrants but i think san francisco has been very thoughtful and i want to thank you and very proud of my colleagues for the way they responded. >> thank you. so there is a motion to continue to the call of the chair and can we do that without objection? [gavel] thank you. ms. major is there any other business before us? >> there is no other business. >> great thank you. meeting adjourned everyone. [gavel]
3:20 pm
3:21 pm
3:22 pm
>> i have 2 job titles. i'm manager of the tour program as well as i am the historyian of city hall. this building is multifaceted to say the very least it's a municipal building that operates the city and county of san francisco. this building was a dream that became a reality of a man by the name of james junior elected mayor of san francisco in 1912. he didn't have a city hall because it was destroyed in the earth wake of 1906. construction began in april of 1913. in december 1915, the building was complete. it opened it's doors in january
3:23 pm
1916. >> it's a wonderful experience to come to a building built like this. the building is built as a palace. not for a king or queen. it's built for all people. this building is beautiful art. those are architecture at the time when city hall was built, san francisco had an enormous french population. therefore building a palace in the art tradition is not unusual. >> jimmie was an incredible individual he knew that san francisco had to regain it's place in the world. he decided to have the tallest dome built in the united states.
3:24 pm
it's now stands 307 feet 6 inches from the ground 40 feet taller than the united states capital. >> you could spend days going around the building and finding something new. the embellishment, the carvings, it represents commerce, navigation, all of the things that san francisco is famous for. >> the wood you see in the board of supervisor's chambers is oak and all hand carved on site. interesting thing about the oak is there isn't anymore in the entire world. the floors in china was cleard
3:25 pm
and never replanted. if you look up at the seceiling you would believe that's hand kof carved out of wood and it is a cast plaster sealing and the only spanish design in an arts building. there are no records about how many people worked on this building. the workman who worked on this building did not all speak the same language. and what happened was the person working next to the other person respected a skill a skill that was so wonderful that we have this masterpiece to show the world today.
3:26 pm
>> you know i've always wanted to do this job that drives my parents crazy we want to help people i wasn't i did not think
3:27 pm
twice about that. >> i currently work as cadet inform the san francisco sheriff's department i've been surprised 0 work within criminal justice system field i had an opportunity to grow within that career path. >> as i got into the department and through the years of problems and everything else that means a lot i can represent women and in order to make that change how people view us as a very important part of the vice president you have topanga you have to the first foot chase through the fight are you cable of getting that person whether large or small into captivity that is the test at times. >> as an agent worked undercover and prevent external and internal loss to the company it was basically like detective
3:28 pm
work but through the company from that experience and the people that i worked around law enforcement that gave me an action when i came to be a cadet i saw i was exploded to more people and the security he was able to build on that. >> unfortunately, we have a lot of women retire to recruiting right now is critical for us we gotten too low faster the percentage of women in the department and us connecting with the community trying to get people to realize this job is definitely for them our community relations group is out attempt all the time. >> in other words, to grow in the fields he capitalized any education and got my bachelors degree so i can current work at
3:29 pm
city hall i provide security for the front of the building and people are entering entering but within any security or control within the building and checking personal bags is having a awareness of the surrounded. >> there is so month people the brunet of breaking into this career that was every for easier for me had an on the with an before he cleared the path for laugh us. >> my people he actually looking at lucid up to poem like he joe and kim and merit made they're on the streets working redondo hard their cable of doing this job and textbook took the time to bring us along. >> women have going after their goals and departments line the san francisco sheriff's department provide a lot of
3:30 pm
training tools and inspiring you to go into the department. >> they gave me any work ethics she spider me to do whatever he wanted to do and work hard at the intersection. >> if you're going to make change you have to be part of change and becoming law enforcement i wanted to show women could do this job it is hard not easy. >> finds something our compassion about and follow roll models and the gets the necessary skeletals to get to that goal with education and sprirmz whatever gets you there. >> if this is what you want to do dream big and actually do what you desire to do and you can go vertebrae far it is a
3:31 pm
fast job i wouldn't do anything else. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> okay. good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, i want to welcome you to the wegz the meeting will come to order this the the land use commission i'm supervisor cowen chair and skwloin e joining us will be vice chair oh, supervisor scott wiener joining us to my left is supervisor kim i'll also like to acknowledge ms. lisa and thank you to jim smith and the staff for broadcasting this meeting
3:32 pm
madam clerk, any announcements? >> today. >> electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the december 1st board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> or the thank you call item one. >> number one the ordinance for the administrative code for the prosecution on the advertising ever sugary drink beverage on city property thank you, colleagues in june the board unanimously passed legislation to prohibit advertising of sugary drink beverage on city property along with two other accompanying piece of legislation concerning sugary drink beverage requiring the warning rablz on sugary drink beverage advisement and city is eliminating city spend on sugary drink beverage a week after the psa of the law the
3:33 pm
supreme court ruled on in a court case reed with arizona regarding the first amendment the city attorney reevaluated the legal issues by the sugary drink beverage advertising band ordinance this is for this reason to repeal the band we'll continue to enact the warning label and the spending legislation the two pieces will continue to move forward awhile needless to say this is a disappointing situation i want to assure those folks that are obvious and recognizing with us on the band for sugary drink beverage we can lift this first amendment hurdle to destine our fight against the big soda i want to assure we're committed to a long fight begins in
3:34 pm
industry and continue to craft thoughtful policy aimed to protect the health of san franciscans supervisor wiener i think you have a few remarks. >> thank you, madam chair and thank you for your continued leadership in trying to move us in a good direction of public health in reducing the accumulation of sugary drink beverage soda they're helping to fuel the type 2 diabetes in our country including xhoong children in low income communities and community of color 40 percent of americans have type 2 diabetes and we'll have to take strong steps to reduce the accumulation of those drinks as around cigarettes a madam chair we have 56 percent
3:35 pm
of tax vote $10 million was stacked in the soda industry against us unfortunately, we had a change in the law that was the supreme court didn't look at the first amendment but the it is what it is and i do want to stress we continue to move forward aggressively with our legislation the first of its kind and passed by the board this year to require health warnings on advisements for sugary drink beverage with the soda industry has suited san francisco over that law we feel good we'll defend it in court and aggressively i look forward 0 those health warnings go on going on advisements and reminding people and educating people that those drinks make people sick. >> thank you, supervisor
3:36 pm
wiener so folks why not see go ahead and open up for public comment any public comment? just want to remind you have 2 minutes with a soft bells chime with 30 seconds waiting and open up for public comment seeing none, public comment is closed for item one. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> colleagues, can i have a motion to send that to the full board with a positive recommendation recognized by supervisor kim that passes with a positive recommendation madam clerk two. >> the rezoning map for the residential district and the mission district i believe we have diego sanchez with us from the planning department staff he'll be
3:37 pm
presenting on this item. >> good afternoon desegregates with the planning department supervisors on june 18th the planning commission considered the ordinance for the rezoning for the ocean avenue in house from the rh2 m-1 to the ocean avenue nc t after taking public comment which was in favor of this ordinance they deliberated and considered the departments recommendations for the department recommended favorable this to the planning commission the planning commission vote in favor of this ordinance that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> i appreciate that brief presentation the planning department can also do that is there a representative from jim's office. jen come on up
3:38 pm
>> thank you, madam chair i'm here on behalf of the supervisor yee we're talking about how we can support small businesses and here we have a very pro tem commercial confronted on mission avenue inform encourage the small businesses without raising height limits we count on you're showcasing support and it fits in the balboa park area plan to sfrelg the commercial district for the moscone in the area it fits with the plan we have general support from the public and from the supervisor thank you. >> thank you very much appreciate you're showcasing remarks at this time seeing there is no colleagues that want to speak why not go ahead and open up for public comment public comment is anyone else follow this gentleman. >> good afternoon. supervisors my name is dan
3:39 pm
weaver speaking today as the executive director of the ocean avenue community benefits district otherwise as the ocean avenue association we developed this idea together with tom because we noticed that in the cv d the corridor the most pedestrians in the to and from city college to the bart station have no services along the streets so this seems like like a logical way to encourage that without calling for a major skroern e rezoning district and everyone in the neighborhood supports this cv d supports it unanimously this is something people can do but don't have to unless questions tassels.
3:40 pm
>> thank you very much there anyone from the public that wishes to speak at this time seeing none, public comment is closed and colleagues is there a motion on this item. >> (inaudible). >> a motion made to move forward with a positive recommendation we'll take that without objection. this motion passing and mr. clerk. >> an ordinance for the measurement of the methodology for the creative process for the in fills in existing structures in a c-3 that exceeds the height. >> this was continued by the committee a few weeks ago i believe we have aaron starr planning department no pressure but diego has a short period of time i don't know if you could do that but it would be appreciated if you could. >> good afternoon, supervisors
3:41 pm
aaron starr planning department the proposed ordinance on july 23rd and the commission voted unanimous with approval with modifications to require the zoning administrator to review by permanence in the ordinance that that concludes my remarks i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> i'm proud of you, mr. star supervisor kim anything to say and i'll be making a motion to continue. >> majored we're going to continue this item until december 14th let's go ahead and open up for public comment anyone do so at the podium seeing none, public comment is closed at this time is there a motion on this item. >> i'd like to make a motion to continue this item excuse me.
3:42 pm
to monday, december 14th that item passes we'll take that without objection. >> okay mirena burns call item 4. >> a hearing on, on expansion of the staff to put in a totality program for the maintenance of the public toilet facilities. >> i can't wait to hear about this pit spot supervisor kim is the author. >> i'll excited for this program throughout the city and in you're showcasing district you've called to ask the city to expand the success tenderloin and some pit spot program to additional locations every neighborhood should have access to clean and public safety i've asked the controller's office to
3:43 pm
do and thank the team under mr. rosenfeld to expand in the successful pits spot our office employed in the summer of 2014 the critical components of what makes this successful is the regular maintenance only possible with staffing when i first came into the office i heard over and over that we need more safe clean toilet option and it often are small businesses or the j.c. barrooms are not a good solution and, in fact, the j.c. program was dangerous for families and the residents don't feel safe there is a clear demands for the facilities on average everyday almost a one people use the 3
3:44 pm
pits spots in july alone reduced were used over 4 thousand times the city savings over 4 thousand gallons of water because we have a reduction in the steam cleaning requests from the neighborhood i want to repeat a reduction by 50 percent from the tenderloin those facilities made our streets cleaner with garbage collected a secured read you needle drop off for the collection of needles i want to thank my colleagues for unanimously approving this to make the pit spot permanent with our support and the port of the city family the pit spot has expanded to the south of market and mid market and 16th street i want to recognize and thank you to public works who worked with us between 2012 and 2014 to come
3:45 pm
up with this creative program we knew that putting public toilets on the street wouldn't address the issue in the restraints i residents that don't have access or the neighbors need a place to go whether there is toilet paper and access to sinks and hand-wash to go into a place of dignity no one wanted to say go to the toilet own the streets it is made renewally by many people and this that will help keep our streetcars cleaner and it is unacceptable our residents have to go to the bathroom on the streets this is also in a need or problem unique to the population in san francisco it impacts all of us the use of a
3:46 pm
public bathroom restroom is a human necessity and our pit spot at the plaza the children and farmers and shopper at the heart of the farmer's market in our backyard are able to use them residents and others we need clean and safe public restrooms you've used them in the neighborhood we can fully leverage the exciting resources to help make this happen and looking forward to the hearing from all the possibility i also want to recognize again, the controller's office public works and also rec and park for the time they've spent studying this issue and thank you to the many residence that leading lent thorough support to those coming out today to speak on this issue we'll be hearing from public works and the controller's office to present their naturals
3:47 pm
i see the idnuru. >> for making this success. >> i'll acknowledge supervisor wiener for putting three and four before director star are and commenting for your work on the pit stop program i found to be successful as mr. nuru will attest we've had a long, long problem with the j.c. code toilets the one in front of the the market street and market and buchanan it was really just horrible and a lot of people myself included talked about how to move it elsewhere until it was completely fail people with
3:48 pm
or living in there and shooting up florida in under except for the call of nature. >> thank you to mr. nuru it is staffed and what it is not staffed it is closed for those specific hours and since it was taken into the pit stop program i've not had a single complainant but the toilet i've noticed in the surrounding area and it shows what happened when you have the pro-active approach to make sure that everyone in the city has access to the roormentz in a thoughtful way i want to thank you for bring up that particular toilet into the program. >> all right. i'm glad to hear this presentation i want to hear with supervisor kim has done in ore district and rolling
3:49 pm
it out in the district so with that, said director nuru. >> thank you, supervisor kim for calling the hearing as supervisor kim said the concept was born a little bit over a year ago we were having a budget meeting and landmarking for a solution to the concerns around people who defecating in the streets and also that year we talked about drought and how we could reduce water and as a result, the pit stop program was conceived at the public works department and the program is a very really straightforward program it provides bathrooms to the public and the bathrooms
3:50 pm
locations was selected bans a little bit of some data we collected in the toipd and the first 3 locations were seconded and you'll hear if the presentation we have 9 locations in the works the bathrooms is pretty sure as you've heard what makes the difference is the supervision scott wagner having someone under at each location and every one of the locates recognitions location we have test applied and seen an increase we'll show the number of uses as high as 50 percent or more the bathrooms created to be a safe place for someone to be able to use the bathroom but as part of the program we also provide an area where people can discard the needles and also an
3:51 pm
area where people can pickup doggy bags they come together the actual bathroom a doerl deeper we call a pit stop the bathrooms have to be very clean so the pilot we're using actively provides fresh air and make sure the toilets are clean, make sure there is soap to wash our hands everything you'll except concept in a bathroom the next slide shows steam cleaning request in the city citywide as you can see the concentrations of where the department needs to respond to steam cleaning and as you can see the tenderloin is very, very dark the mission and
3:52 pm
selma, the castro parts of hate street and their skaurtd throughout the city the concentration are mainly in the mid market area and towards mission. >> a little bit about the program itself the program itself as you can see does a does a number of things most important when people need to go have a place to go it is a job training program so the partnership is a lot of the people that manage these bathrooms and training he get them ready for a job the bathroom also provides the areas where people can get rid of things by having the bathroom staffed when people come along
3:53 pm
with you know pads or shopping cart or something the staff assists to keep an eye on those facilities those are some of the benefits of the program. >> where we are we're in the locations o locations in addition to data there is some locations we are just piloting and seeing what a difference it will make as you can see a contemplation in the south of market a around 16 and mission and the 2020 location. >> excuse me. director nuru how did you select the locations for the current pit stop and how to select the future locations. >> so when we started the
3:54 pm
program we looked at our data on areas we received a large number of calls steam cleaning and those areas were primarily in the tenderloin we went out and did some field surveys for a couple of months collecting the data for the most appropriate locations one of the key areas we found out in the our studies that many of those areas are the soup kitchens are located there was a contemplation not enough facilities is the pilot showed an indication those were some prime areas and in addition to other areas that we had based on the area the first 3 were rolled out in the tenderloin and two of them close to programs that
3:55 pm
provide meals and one of them is the program that a lot of people like to hang out. >> the pit as to the in the tenderloins are they staffed or non-staffed. >> all pit stopped are staffed that's the concept of the bathrooms and our program is two types of toilets one we'll hear from the j.c. city group toilets been around for many years those are permanent and the mobile ones those can move so mostly in the tenderloin we're working on mobile toilets yeah. >> thank you the next graph actually show us from data before we started the pit stop, stop you'll see the blue requests for steaming and as we implemented the pit stop over others last year and few
3:56 pm
months as you can see the huge reduction in the request for steam cleaning so in those areas where altercation using our data we had to respond to calls those areas we targeted and seen a reduction in the request for services but also in some of the cleaning up of those areas citywide we're still struggling citywide as you can see citywide, you know, it the data is fluctuating but you know we don't have this program all over the city we said to share that data so you can see yeah. >> okay i think one of the areas we did want to share some detail with you is the mission the program in the mission the program in the mission had a
3:57 pm
combination of both j.c. growth and the pit stop and they've the pit stop is more located closer to 16th street and cap and the other on the bart plaza but from just when we started the pit stop program on 16th street and cap street we've seen the huge increase by 51 percent and on the j.c. coffee toilet on the plazas we've seen an increase as high as 92 percent so that's 92 percent matt haney going above double the number of flushes in the j.c. corridor so that tells us we've found this in our locations the having staff at the location and making sure that it is clean and available for when people want to use them more people are using them and
3:58 pm
the number of flushes increasing because of more use the next slide just shows citywide where we have the various types of toils the greens are the j.c. coffee and the ones in the blue are pit stops and the ones with the darker blue the pit stops that are staffed so right now we killer have 9 locations in the city those locations are next slide, please if you want yeah 9 locations but the pit as opposed mostly the hours of operation of days a way week and 5 locates for the 3 of them in the tenderloin and the one in the
3:59 pm
mission and the other 1 of street 4 locations those are staffed for twelve hours a day two of them one at the corner of larkin and grove and the other on the corner of market street and the one that supervisor wiener talked about at 2020 market street across from the whole foods and the fourth one is located in the mission on the bart plaza and with all of them we have seen huge increases in the number of flushes, in fact, the one at civic center and the plazas are going triple the number of uses just by counting the number of flushes and we've also seen an increase in a lot of calls to our agency for people who really appreciate
4:00 pm
having the bathrooms that are there a lot of the children and others are using them so you know we strong belief in staffing for the costs of staffing the main toilets for the pit stop a little bit over seven hundred thousand for the 5 locates and the j.c. already permanently there the cost is 200 and 35 thousand or so is being budgets this year in the works we're looking at locations we're looking at hate ashbury so we're in the budget and working with the recreation and parks department to figure out where that locations will be the it is currently there the plan to staff j.c. and also need
4:01 pm
to bring the pit stop somewhere along hate street maybe towards the middle we're working on that that is funded here and in district 9 working with supervisor campos expressed an interest in funding he has to explore a location in the mission. >> the future the program objective we are in a pilot phase but one of the i think key challenges is to begin to make sure that these bathrooms are more ada assessable and starting the process of going into a design phase of what types of ramps can work and the challenges are mostly with the pit stops we have to move them from place to place and what kind of amenities and looking at the types of bathrooms
4:02 pm
additional amenities we can add to make them more comfortable for the public. >> i'll leave it with a slide from one of the quotes from someone who has relevance interviewed with a retiree that says the pit stop is private, it is clean, and it has a sink, it has soap and seat covers and paper twoeldz and light that is comfortable and a blessing a wonderful space thank you. >> thank you. i love that comment too it is very important a human elements to add to the presentation i want to talk about the costs of pit stop it
4:03 pm
seems like to be fairly expensive to run and operate the portable pit stop is this number $700,000 figure is that to manage the pit stops in existence. >> the 5 you have but includes the cleaning and also includes the transporting to the various sites those are the mobile toilets and brought ultimate and brought back. >> to the same locations every time. >> yes. normally around the same location. >> is they're going back to one of the previous slides of the future requests have you identified money e money in the budgeted to absorb the potential locations. >> in this budgeted that was
4:04 pm
passed that was the first new edition of funds previously the 3 location one halfway through the budget and now 9 locations we are pilot and going to be adding two more to that up to 11 and as we collect data and for the locations we study those locations so the future of public bathrooms being staffed is really being looked at very, very closely he have an opportunity right now with public toilet contract out on the streets in their soliciting vendors to apply for the contract that contract will look at the existing toilets and possible even adding toilets we're using the data to locate
4:05 pm
the potential areas but studying the toilets those toilets have not been staffed in the past and trying to staff those locations so see what types of feedback but from the admissible studies we've done and the initial feedback made an enormous amount of change. >> let me ask a question i know you know the bayview on the list of potential sites nothing on the third street corridor i wanted to get you're showcasing opinion is that an oversight or a demands just not where that needs to be - >> i think with every situation and ever request for where in their located needs
4:06 pm
background when we were looking at all parts of city including did bayview we looked at the third and other areas as a potential location owe felt we have communities groups e.r. amenities in the area with the jolie rec center and the nonprofit in the area we're not received a request asking for it but looking at that could be a potential location. >> i appreciate that unusual or usually those are facilities the homeless people are discouraged from using those facilities of their rec and park but it is is growing demands for the pit stops along the corridor we have numerous requests. >> you know which one person
4:07 pm
needs to leave it in good condition we say staff to make sure they're not abused and really you know have a good experience. >> thank you so much supervisor kim. >> i just wanted to you know comment on the human aspect the pit stop and mentioned i've talked with countless avoid or individual another woman talked about how she goes to the same pitted stop every afternoon it is the one time during the day she gets to be my herself and spends time meditating there are countless things beyond the basic necessity of a clean bathroom but i really 20789 commend director nuru when i brought up the issue of access to clean and safe bathrooms in
4:08 pm
the tenderloin museum i want to give a shout out and our con co-concepts we came up with ideas we didn't think would work we saw with the j.c. bathrooms prior they're under utilized and a magnet for dangerous activities we wouldn't have this fireman today and hopefully, we'll demonstrate not only the other aspects we're safeway money through this program i'm exist to see this citywide every neighborhood should have this program thank you. >> all right. thank you director nuru. >> i public comment cards. >> we have the controller's office my apologies the controller's office is here to do a presentation we have pike
4:09 pm
stephen on and other this is a citywide analysis from the controller's office kind of comping through the data. >> thank you very much welcome back ms. stephano son. >> i'm head the controller's office and i'll turn it over to claire and phil we're asked to expand the analysis and bring in other data sources and if you want to look at the data where you should site toilets in the city this is designed that way if you want us to we'll walk you through the analysis it is interesting.
4:10 pm
>> good afternoon committee members i'm claire with the controller's office and with my colleague joel and we'll present a special accessibility on the public toilets. >> so we're to provide a representation of the public toilets are located and the toilets can be added to provide for access in the higher demands areas we're proud remedies for pit stop analysis and expansion and provide a cost comparison for public resources and staffing. >> i'm going to move through this quickly that is what public works has presented but the tack away a total of 9 locations in the pit stop and they're all staffed. >> so the types of current public toilets we included in
4:11 pm
the analysis are permanent locations that is rec and park and parks and libraries and hospital as well as parking garage and fire stations and portable the 5 location and the future locations the city determines as well as the semi permanent the j.c. there are 25 j.c. throughout the city and 5 of them are currently staffed in the pit stop and 20 unstaffed are the ones that are open 24/7 with that, i'm going to turn it over to joe to walk through the analysis. >> good afternoon, supervisors jump cerebrothe analysis figure a on the vein the location 200 and 74 half of those are maintained by the recreation and parks department police and fire stations 20
4:12 pm
percent dpw and the library has between 10 and 11 percent and the rest is dpw health clinics and parking garages and others to be built we don't have complete data on the hours of the locations but in general we know for example, the parks facilities and pit stops library close others 9:00 p.m. we identified the one siding there are a number of them fall from the map in particular the number drops into 200 and 74 down to 278 difference between daytime and night time but from here our analysis is daytime hours we don't look at variant including the staff that library has on different days and we don't
4:13 pm
have- know how many people can request to use the bathrooms at police and fire stations and people that are comfortable to provide the conservative ascertainment of the situation we saw those at the ends of the analysis we have anecdotal two tenth of a mile is someone will walk to use the bathroom this is a 2 million buffer and to give you a sense of conform, however, this didn't account for the amount of demands in the next slide homeless people are not the only users we want to understand how assessable to the population and that is what you see represented in the shading on this map here we used the location of the restrooms in combination with the 2015 homeless sense census
4:14 pm
data and the darker shaded areas are the lower and the lights err the higher accessibility the others are the room to help said we focused on the sunset neighborhoods and the lower position a brightlyly shaded area here we have a number of rooms co-authors to the census data on the index higher and right police have that with a lower ascertainment because no restrooms located in that edition bull a lot of demand in this area as well in contrast the tenderloin as you can see a number of rooms but no stated has lower accessibility more people
4:15 pm
significantly more people in that area so to focus our attention on the area that needs it the most that's not not showing up on the screen we took out the areas with either a higher accessibility or a low demands and last in figure 57 this is a big area it is further to focus our attention we analyzed 311 data to see the hot spots for street cleaning to human wastes and that's shown on the map in the upper left we did the same thing with the pilot data people will use the restrooms that exist if they feel comfortable so we've done this the figure on the right this is starting with 311 hot spots spots where the
4:16 pm
additional locations could be placed and indicating there purple where the hot spots overlap the 311 opposing help to identify the areas for additional staffing figure 7 a brings the information together and figure 7 b sodiums in the primary area in the northeast corner of the city we've identified here 6 different areas where the we feel the area suggests that the program could be expanded the first one in the vicinity of market street between montgomery fremont we're not suggesting that the portable attests be placed at those locations but nevertheless, the data suggests it has identified needs that should be addressed the second one on the map is in the vicinity of thifrd and bryan this is near the i 80 overpass
4:17 pm
we know this is the homeless encampments and the third one is this is in the invented of 6th street and brian the hall of justice and the police station as a result of we factor in the hall of justice is there and that may influence the outcome the fourth one is the larger area near 9th street and fulsome the fifth in the vicinity of fulsome again an overpass and skate parking in this area that didn't have a restroom and finally this is in the vicinity of brandon i'm going to turn it over to claire to discuss her findings. >> so the felt out of this
4:18 pm
analysis the first is it there, there are a number of displacement rooms throughout the city and a few locations with a higher demands and a limited number of locations that need additional toilets our second significantly less availability citywide for an assembly toilet between 9 o'clock at night and 9 o'clock in the morning and they disclose by the rec and park facility although they differ on schedule forefront from dawn actually dusk based on those finding a number of recommendations the first is to continue this data driven approach to develop important staffing locations and to evaluate the opportunities to expand public restroom housing and staff and
4:19 pm
to evaluate the pilots and the restroom use so there are a number of public toilet resources that are out there and can be beneficial they have different benefits to start the porta potty the city is familiar there are short term and longer than to different locations and the costs are low those costs didn't include the culture service only the one expense a portable personal toilet that can be used for cam and carried with someone they told her e folded up into a brief case and they can be individual to a person. >> where are they available how do i get one. >> you can find them as the r e
4:20 pm
i a number of online stores that provide them. >> you threw me it applies to other public resources i thought that was a public resource. >> no. those are the toilet options for the public resources so porta potties in addition to the public toilets costs considerations in the public toilet the bags needs to be replenished and the air p and p the applications to search and see what is in you're showcasing area a variety of businesses will advertise their toilets anywhere from zero to 5 conflict of interests some offer toilets free of charge and just is if you're available in this area come in and use the toilets others will charge from one to
4:21 pm
$5 to use the toilet peruse another option the p planter the p mraeshts are available any time there is a bit more trains i'll talk about that in the next slide and also the portland i'll talk about that and those are similar to the j.c. designed for that urban areas so to get to the p plan it is self-contained they're out in the open they're a bit more transparent in the picture some plastic and also a planter that provides transparency and dignity to the use the restroom in the public space. >> do we have any in san francisco. >> we don't currently. >> where are those available oakland did a pilot and it is a startup they're working with other agencies. >> you evaluate their pilot
4:22 pm
program. >> i believe that public works will be able to speak about what we found and speaking with them they mentioned when we looked at the p planter they're really only used for urine not for all types of public wastes so it is specific to areas that have issues with urine and but we can look into the other locations that have used those in the pilots to see their educational to look that the benefits the p planters the use of gray water and the plants are reuse the water and it is treated so there are not issues are odor and available 24/7 the portland this was designed in pormd not only the city of
4:23 pm
portland but san diego is using some their designed to be duringable their 0 in the pictures notices at enclosed you can see above and below they're a bit more transparency to that safety aspect of a public toilet and on a sting inside it is on the outside where people wash their hands and thought of better for urban investment since no way to tell if the sing was left on inside of the public toilet and more transparent if someone leaves it on it can be turned off by another water source who uses the water source outside of the public room and it is electrical by ac lighting and low flush we require a sewer connection so this is something to consider when thinking about
4:24 pm
costs and locations and 2012 portland paid one thousand 40 theories thousand and every one was after that lower like $12,000 so we talked about that many benefits of public toilets the environmental cycle water supporting the public works expansion efforts to have an area that is clean and safe important people to use as needed cost also is reduced for street steam cleaning and save facilities that are assessable to all the benefits of staffing really goes to that clean and safe place and jobs program with workforce development and low income individuals so staffing for others 9 staffing location are all staffed the portable toilets are staff 8 hours a day
4:25 pm
and the other ones 12 hours a day public works prior his the soup kitchen location did a walk through service and public works they are on the streets and the 311 human waste requests public works promoted a staffing at 87 thousand there's for the pilot location at church and market value and public works is in the process of identifying the next location a few notes on budget of the violated portable part of pit stop the cost is one hundred and one thousand plus per units the staffing is the $87,000 plus for staffing in addition another budget a 060
4:26 pm
thousand add back from supervisor london breed to staff the j.c. toilet at mueller this shied gives american people overall comparison the toilets we've tubed as you can see the different between those that are available the date hair available in the evening and again, the j.c. are upcoming staffed are 24/7 those are available at night and the porta pot emmy's are twenty-four hours and the portable toilets are currently just during the day part of pit stop program is closing by 9 o'clock at night so we have the estimate costs the higher ends of the costs are the public works and the planters in blue and for the staffing costs estimate we're assuming expands hours to 14 hours a day from 6
4:27 pm
at night and 6 to the morning or 7 to 9:00 o'clock but summoning u assuming 20 dallas an hour that is one hundred thousand applause plus or minus if the hours are expanded more vaeblt between 9 o'clock at night and 9 o'clock in the morning for a 14 hours day those are the costs estimates and the total cost the j.c. estimated annual cost per unit the city is not paying right now but the j.c. contract comes up at the end of negotiation and so if there are other options you'll see that the costs are a little bit higher for the porta pot emmy's on the lower end and the others between two-hundred do and
4:28 pm
$50,000 that concludes my presentation. and i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> staff any questions. >> supervisor kim and no questions i want to say outline you iuoe how the controller's office helped with the multiple source of data to understand the resources the city circling has to utilize without additional costs and maybe improve some of the access to those like our libraries and rec and park and be interesting to look at the firehouses as well but to look at the data with the gaps it is incredibly interesting i want to make sure we have a citywide data driven to put the resources where the need is this is a really nice study and look at the possibilities and what other cities are diagnose and the costs benefit or the cost analysis so thank you for your work and we have one final quick
4:29 pm
presentation from the rec and park. >> good afternoon. supervisors we are mostly available for questions but pointing out out an expansion as the controller's office mentioned we got an ad back from supervisor president london breed office to initially to staff a restroom at hate and daniel at golden gate park with the communication with the recreation and parks department and the lessons through the pilot shifted to the j.c. a half block further that is a lesson for all of us not every single room is appropriate for staffing given the location and some of the chronic restraints wanted to
4:30 pm
let you know that -- excuse me. i'm fighting a cold that our rooms are there are different categories of restrooms in our system we have a total of one and 66 rooms 50 of those are expanded alone the type of rooms in the panhandle in golden gate park 3 three of those are internal to the rooms like supervisor cowen at the jolie rec center is staffed and open much later on dusk 68 of our restrooms are we call associated with the building but they also face the exterior of the park for example, on hampton arock arock center restrooms that serve the interior but assess them from the playground
4:31 pm
and because we're looking at to by the people from obligation bond we have of restrooms that are under construction. >> that's all thank you. >> thank you. let's go ahead and take public comment i have a few cards i'll call up a few people (calling names) my apologies in i mispronounced the names are you edward. >> i am. >> good to see you. >> good afternoon edward a proud residents of district 10 live a couple of blocks from the plaza i'm happy to hear
4:32 pm
supervisor cohen mentions i think that is an convalescent location for one of the portable toilets in the staffing for that toilet i've person witnessed people urinating and dennis herrera kate around that a utility box on upcoming daily and third street it is a full urine sitting at the base this will go along ways to help that situation i'll urge you go you to support it. >> the data didn't support what we know as a reality. >> i'll take issue where the opera house is under construction and not knowing what it is to be implemented i'll not aware of the public restrooms in that vicinity just look at how people on behalf of
4:33 pm
in the real world we'll agree that a pit stop would be helpful there. >> we'll keep our eyes open (calling names). >> supervisors i'm james sword the president of the hate ashbury council for more than a year pushing for the pit as to the in the hate ashbury we're disappointed they entered others neighborhoods first but in addition to the gentleman's comment i want to point out it looks on the status to rooms in the neighborhood that are listed that will available to the public are not i believe the j.c. the one at page and cannon i can think of 3 off the top of my head that needs the rooms from mosaic to other parts in the tenderloin should be brought
4:34 pm
into the neighborhood like the hate unlike neighborhoods that meet the high demands we have visitors we're a high tourist location and as you may know tourism helps to run this city i'll urge to help you move those into the hate asbury by the need them and we have a lot of calls regarding the feces and urine i've made those calls i've seen people from all walks of life and know a neighbor that lives a block away clean up and it is not just the people the franchises i've seen people jumping out of cars and urinating in hate ashbury and continuing i think that cross all economic values that needs to come to the hate and please bring the tenderloin pit stop to
4:35 pm
the hate ashbury thank you. >> thank you (calling names). >> thank you, supervisors my name is kevin a business owner and residents in district one business owner in district 67 one of the locations that was mentioned actually is on 6th street and brian on fulsome street i can say we need more public restrooms i experience it coming to work and have a 7-year-old daughter it is difficult when a little girl asking to find a room in san francisco as a business owner we have clients our clients are large companies like other than and drop box and we have instant problems with people urban nationally and defecating so i completely support it as a business owner to move forward to the board of supervisors and
4:36 pm
expanding this program thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> hi, i'm carly with the have the nonprofit that works with homeless youth in the hate this issue of having access to clean public radio restrooms is critical like with just visual part of our programs is actually clean power the street and the user rinses are having to clean up after it is a major issue the number one issue that is brought up in the neighborhood council and the administers association when people are speaking about problems our neighborhood is dealing with and the idea there are public restrooms available like the police station and the fire department i didn't know that is a resource that is available let alone tourists and
4:37 pm
the homeless like they realize this is able but wouldn't consider that a resource but a clean environment is crucial so thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please my name is christian and representing the hate ashbury merchant association i'll read a letter from the hate ashbury merchant association they support to staff the public rooms whether the existing parks or the roving one little needs for twenty-four hour public assess for residents and visitors to use and the president will send a letter to you guys regarding this well also on the fire department and the police station most of those bathrooms are out of order maybe not for the general pub public
4:38 pm
we had kids go and try to use the public station they're denied assess the only these boardrooms are the downstairs the ones we've attempted to use are out of order and the ones upstairs are for the firefighters we have been talking to dpw and supervisor breed about putting the pit stops in the hate and have a workforce program that is designed to work with the kids and a successful program that we provide housing for services they work and clean up the streets and willing to man the toilets on a volunteer basis and it is a working model we can actually have worked with the pits stops in the hate asbury thank you.
4:39 pm
>> thank you. >> (calling names) i'm sorry no, no you were in line after this next speaker (calling names). >> supervisors thank you. i'm chris s c h u l l i thought we were down with the names i'm representing the lower polk communities thank you to supervisor kim and supervisor wiener and supervisor cowen for you know hanging out and listening what we have to say i think lower polk communities district has been working closely with the la boss in the tenderloin work with sergeant ma custodial that is correct we heard allowed the room is a big problem for that park the safety and drug use and prostitution is an issue they said the number
4:40 pm
one thing they'll do to improve the park staff that restroom i'm pleased did benefit district about make a commitment to staff that room next year we're working with dpw and j.c. on the details and it will happen to so the benefit district will staff that hoping to get improvement and really hope probation officer work with the city long-term to get it staffed beyond 2017 thank you for your time and looking forward to working with supervisor kim and her staff thank you. >> thank you, paul i didn't. >> good afternoon. i'm the director of the engagement for
4:41 pm
households community housing partnership 100 percent in favor of keep that in mind the pit stops to defendant indicate inside with dignity i remember chris daily going at it in his chambers thinking that sigmund freud was alive they would be pleased when we talk about the defecating the solutions with really, really good to give people a pot to pea in and do what every other thing that human beings do and echoing the comment not just about homelessness i would in the marina for a short monument and
4:42 pm
those kids have problems with respecting a toilet as well i'm now it is really excited to see we're moving away part of san francisco from the penaltytion and ticketing and sending people to 850 bryant and coming up with solutions that work for all of us thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm dane with the korea i'm all for the public bathrooms because of dignity and health issues and coming out of you're showcasing place and seeing people urinate between cars e cars is not pleasant. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm the public policy manager at the partnership and a residents
4:43 pm
of district 8 i live a half block away from public toilets my objections is or not and people are going there it is clean there's an tenant there so you know, i see that as a huge asset where i live and as a public health professional i want to say that health is not a privilege but a right for everyone and basic sanctuary it is good for public health i'm in support of extending this program thank you. >> km. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is elie i'm a residence of district 6 for several years especially in the tenderloin i'm here to ask you to talk with you're showcasing colleagues ta to support and expand the pit stop program there is only one
4:44 pm
problem i have unlike everyone else i have the exact same thing my blood didn't go by a clock those 0 would be denied shelter can't stay at others locations they need to use the restroom maybe the tourists out drink in the hate or castro they needed need to use the program of this is expanded for 24-hour hours a day at least to 1 or 2 clock in the morning thank you. >> i'm a community organizer with of the partnership i'm in support of expanding the pit stop program citywide i want to call your attention to the workers that are mann the stops and consider that is xoeld rainy and cold very shelter to stay
4:45 pm
i've seen them out there often they do really hard work maintaining the facilities i want to call outs their situation not being able to sit or have shelter if the elements on the job thanks. >> anyone else that want to speak on item number 4 please come up we're going to close public comment soon oh, hi. >> jennifer coalition on homelessnessness it is supporting expanding the pit stop and what a beautiful thing to talk about actual solutions to an issue that is really wonderful and i think that there's nothing there dignified than be able to use the restroom in private it is just so important to human integrity i can't say emphasis that enough none uses restrooms outdoors it is just not in human nature
4:46 pm
about that activity so i want to thank supervisor kim and the rest of the supervisors and we really support this thanks. >> thank you that is good to hear is there any additional public comment on item 4 seeing none, public comment is closed. at this time >> supervisor kim any last minute remarks if not we'll move on. >> i just want to thank everyone for coming out it is not often that we launch a program that is gets 100 percent actually 100 percent positive favorable from the community this is a rarity in san francisco although i hear we definitely need to expand the hours our blackboards don't run on a clock it is in the night time i'll glad to see the staff are operating at longer hours i'm looking forward to expanding this program we've demonstrated it's success in
4:47 pm
district 678 and south of market and the tenderloin all communities can use the toilets we need a space like this in every single neighborhood and you like i said, it is a great resource for the residents and our nightclubs but maybe our 50/50 hotel residents that don't have the great right restrooms i've used the restrooms as someone that grew up in the city i know i have a map of restrooms that are available which mcdonalds and gaps and starbuck's i think many of us do and it is better for the tourists and our farmer's market vendors have something you don't have to figure out what public rooms whether you're a customer that is a great story and thank
4:48 pm
you director nuru it is his leadership in getting this program off to a great start the program is incredible. >> thank you to the controller's office and rec and park we're looking at many ways to expand this program and i think in the most cost effective way possible take advantage of the resources and i do want to thank make the community advocates in helping us bring this program to life i want to that thank any colleagues supervisor malia cowen and supervisor wiener and many in our driblts. >> supervisor kim you want to file this item or to the call of the chair i'm open to both you if you want to move that forward or happy to file it. >> okay. i'll make a motion to file. >> okay motion by supervisor
4:49 pm
kim to file this item we'll take that without objection. that motion carries before this body? >> there's no further business. >> >> ladies and gentlemen, that's a wrap thank
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
>> this lodge is home to some of the best fly casting pools in the world. these shallow concrete pools don't have fish. this is just a place where people come to practice their fly casting technique. ith was built in the 1930's and ever since, people have been coming here to get back to nature. every year, the world championship of fly casting is held in san francisco and visitors from all over the globe travel to be here. >> we are here with phil, general manage of san francisco rec and parks department at the anglers lodge. what do you think about this? >> it is spectacular, travis from oregon, taught me a snake roll and a space cast. >> there are people from all
4:54 pm
over the world come to san francisco and say this is the place to be. >> yeah. it's amazing, we have teams from all over the world here today and they are thrilled. >> i flew from ireland to be here. and been practicing since for the competition. all the best casters in the world come here. my fellow countryman came in first place and james is on the current team and he is the head man. >> it's unique. will not see anything like it where you go to compete in the world. competitions in ireland, scotland, norway, japan, russia each year, the facilities here in the park are second to none. there is no complex in the world that can touch it. >> i'm here with bob, and he has kindly agreed to tell me everything i need to know about
4:55 pm
casting. i'm going to suit up and next, we're in the water. >> what any gentleman should do. golden gate angling has free lessons the second saturday of every month. we have equipment show up on the 9:30 on the second saturday of every month and we'll teach them to fly cast. >> ok. we are in the water. >> let me acquaint you with the fly rod. >> nice to meet you. >> this is the lower grip and the upper grip. this is a reel and a fly line. we are going to use the flex of this rod to fling away. exactly as you moved your hands. >> that's it? >> that's it. >> i'm a natural. >> push both arms forward and snap the lower hand into your tummy. push forward. >> i did gave it a try and had
4:56 pm
great time but i might need some more practice. i met someone else with real fly casting skills. her name is donna and she is an international fly casting champion. >> i have competed in the casting ponds in golden gate park in san francisco. i have been to japan and norway for fly casting competition. i spend my weekends here at the club and at the casting pond. it's a great place to learn and have fun. on a season day like this, it was the perfect spot to be. i find fly casting very relaxing and also at the same time very challenging sport. takes me out into the nature. almost like drawing art in the air. and then i can make these beautiful loops out there.
4:57 pm
>> even though people from across the globe come here to compete, it's still a place where locals in the know relax and enjoy some rely unique scenery. until next time, get out and play! >> we came to seven straight
4:58 pm
about 10 years ago. -- 7th street about 10 years ago. the environment is huge. it is stronger than willpower. surrounding yourself with artists, being in a culture where artists are driving, and where a huge amount of them is a healthy environment. >> you are making it safer. push, push. that is better. when i start thinking, i see it actually -- sometimes, i do not see it, but when i do, it is usually from the inside out. it is like watching something being spawned. you go in, and you begin to work, excavate, play with the
4:59 pm
dancers, and then things began to emerge. you may have a plan that this is what i want to create. here are the ideas i want to play with, but then, you go into the room, and there maybe some fertile ideas that are becoming manifest that are more interesting than the idea you had initially set out to plan. so there has to be this openness for spontaneity. also, a sense that regardless of the deadline, that you have tons of time so the you can keep your creativity alive and not cut it off and just go into old habits. it is a lot like listening. really listening to watch what is going to emerge. i like this thing where you put your foot on his back. let's keep it. were your mind is is how you build your life. if you put it in steel or in
5:00 pm
failure, it works. that works. it is a commitment. for most artists, it is a vacation and a life that they have committed themselves to. there is this notion that artists continue to do their work because of some kind of the external financial support. if that was taken away, artists would still do their art. it is not like there is a prerequisite for these things to happen or i will not do it. how could that be? it is the relationship that you have committed to. it is the vocation. no matter how difficult it gets, you are going to need to produce your art. whether it is a large scale or very small scale. the need to create is going to happen, and you are going to have to fulfill it because that
5:01 pm
is your life. all right. on 5, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 you innovation on or was on over 200 years they went through extensive innovations to the existing green new metal gates were installed our the perimeter 9 project is funded inform there are no 9 community opportunity and our capital improvement plan to the 2008 clean and safe neighborhood it allows the residents and park advocates
5:02 pm
like san franciscans to make the matching of the few minutes through the philanthropic dungeons and finished and finally able to pull on play on the number one green a celebration on october 7, 1901, a skoovlt for the st. anthony's formed a club and john then the superintendent the golden gate park laid out the bowling green are here sharing meditates a permanent green now and then was opened in 1902 during the course the 1906 san francisco earthquake that citywide much the city the greens were left that with an ellen surface and not readers necessarily 1911 it had the blowing e bowling that
5:03 pm
was formed in 1912 the parks commission paid laying down down green number 2 the san francisco lawn club was the first opened in the united states and the oldest on the west their registered as san francisco lark one 101 and ti it is not all fierce competition food and good ole friend of mine drive it members les lecturely challenge the stories some may be true some not memories of past winners is reversed presbyterian on the wall of champions. >> make sure you see the one in to the corner that's me and. >> no? not bingo or scrabble but the pare of today's competition
5:04 pm
two doreen and christen and beginninger against robert and others easing our opponents for the stair down is a pregame strategy even in lawn bowling. >> play ball. >> yes. >> almost. >> (clapping). >> the size of tennis ball the object of the game our control to so when the players on both sides are bold at any rate the complete ends you do do scoring it is you'll get within point
5:05 pm
lead for this bonus first of all, a jack can be moved and a or picked up to some other point or move the jack with i have a goal behind the just a second a lot of elements to the game. >> we're about a yard long. >> aim a were not player i'll play any weighed see on the inside in the goal is a minimum the latter side will make that arc in i'm right-hand side i play my for hand and to my left if i wanted to acre my respect i extend so it is arced to the right have to be able to pray both hands. >> (clapping.) who one. >> nice try and hi, i'm been
5:06 pm
play lawn bowling affair 10 years after he retired i needed something to do so i picked up this paper and in this paper i see in there play lawn bowling in san francisco golden gate park ever since then i've been trying to bowl i enjoy bowling a very good support and good experience most of you have of of all love the people's and have a lot of have a lot of few minutes in mr. mayor the san francisco play lawn bowling is in golden gate park we're sharing meadow for more information about the club including free lessons log
5:07 pm
>> welcome to "culturewire." today we are at recology. they are celebrate 20 years of one of the most incredibly unique artist residency programs. we are here to learn more from one of the resident artists. welcome to the show, deborah.
5:08 pm
tell us how this program began 20 years ago. >> the program began 20 years ago. our founder was an environmentalist and an activist and an artist in the 1970's. she started these street sweeping campaigns in the city. she started with kids. they had an exhibition at city hall. city officials heard about her efforts and they invited her to this facility. we thought it would coincide with our efforts to get folks to recycle, it is a great educational tool. since then, we have had 95 professional artists come through. >> how has the program changed over the years? how has the program -- what can the public has an artist engage with? >> for the most part, we worked with metal and wood, what you would expect from a program like ours.
5:09 pm
over the years, we tried to include artists and all types of mediums. conceptual artists, at installation, photographers, videographers. >> that has really expanded the program out. it is becoming so dynamic right now with your vision of interesting artists in gauging here. why would an artist when to come here? >> mainly, access to the materials. we also give them a lot of support. when they start, it is an empty studio. they go out to the public area and -- we call it the big store. they go out shopping, take the materials that, and get to work. it is kind of like a reprieve, so they can really focus on their body of work. >> when you are talking about recology, do you have the only sculpture garden at the top?
5:10 pm
>> it is based on work that was done many years ago in new york. it is the only kind of structured, artist program. weit is beautiful. a lot of the plants you see were pulled out of the garbage, and we use our compost to transplant them. the pathway is lined with rubble from the earthquake from the freeways we tour about 5000 people a year to our facility, adults and children. we talk about recycling and conservation. they can meet the artists. >> fantastic. let's go meet some of your current artists. here we are with lauren. can you tell us how long have been here so far and what you're working on? >> we started our residency on june 1, so we came into the studio then and spent most of
5:11 pm
the first couple weeks just digging around in the trash. i am continuing my body of work, kind of making these hand- embroidered objects from our day-to-day life. >> can you describe some of the things you have been making here? this is amazing. >> i think i started a lot of my work about the qualities of light is in the weight. i have been thinking a lot about things floating through the air. it is also very windy down here. there is a piece of sheet music up there that i have embroidered third. there is a pamphlet about hearing dea -- nearing death. this is a dead rabbit. this is what i am working on now. this is a greeting card that i found, making it embroidered. it is for a very special friend. >> while we were looking at this, i glanced down and this is
5:12 pm
amazing, and it is on top of a book, it is ridiculous and amazing. >> i am interested in the serendipity of these still life compositions. when he got to the garbage and to see the arrangement of objects that is completely spontaneous. it is probably one of the least thought of compositions. people are getting rid of this stuff. it holds no real value to them, because they're disposing of it. >> we're here in another recology studio with abel. what attracted you to apply for this special program? >> who would not want to come to the dump? but is the first question. for me, being in a situation that you're not comfortable in has always been the best. >> what materials were you immediately attracted to when you started and so what was available here? >> there are a lot of books. that is one of the thing that
5:13 pm
hits me the most. books are good for understanding, language, and art in general. also being a graphic designer, going straight to the magazines and seeing all this printed material being discarded has also been part of my work. of course, always wood or any kind of plastic form or anything like that. >> job mr. some of the pieces you have made while you have been here. -- taught me through some of the pieces you have made while you have been here. >> the first thing that attracted me to this was the printed surface. it was actually a poster. it was a silk screen watercolor, about 8 feet long. in terms of the flatwork, i work with a lot of cloddish. so being able to cut into it come at into it, removed parts, it is part of the process of negotiating the final form. >> how do you jump from the two dimensional work that you create to the three-dimensional?
5:14 pm
maybe going back from the 3f to 2d. >> everything is in the process of becoming. things are never said or settled. the sculptures are being made while i am doing the collages, and vice versa. it becomes a part of something else. there's always this figuring out of where things belong or where they could parapets something else. at the end goal is to possibly see one of these collage plans be built out and create a structure that reflects back into the flat work. >> thank you so much for allowing "culturewire" to visit this amazing facility and to learn more about the artists in residence program. is there anything you like our viewers to know? >> we have art exhibitions every four months, and a win by the public to come out. everybody is welcome to come out.
5:15 pm
we have food. sometimes we have gains and bands. it is great time. from june to september, we accept applications from bay area artists. we encouraged artists from all mediums to apply. we want as many artists from the bay area out here so they can have the same experience. >> how many artists to do your host here? >> 6 artist a year, and we receive about 108 applications. very competitive. >> but everyone should be encouraged to apply. thank you again for hosting us. >> thank you for including us in "culturewire." ♪
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>> everyone deserves a bank account. in san francisco, anyone can have a bank account, things to an innovative program, bank on s.f. >> everyone is welcome, even if you are not a citizen or have bad credit to qualify for a bank account is simple.
5:47 pm
just live or work in san francisco and have a form of id. >> we started bank on s.f. six years ago to reach out to folks in the city who do not have a bank account. we wanted to make sure they know they have options which should be more low-cost, more successful to them and using chat catchers. >> check cashing stores can be found all over the city, but they're convenient locations come with a hidden price. >> these are big. >> i remember coming in to collect -- charged a fee to collect a monogram. >> people who use check catchers, particularly those who use them to cash their paychecks all year long, they can pay hundreds, even a thousand dollars a year just in fees to get access to their pay. >> i do not have that kind of
5:48 pm
money. >> i would not have to pay it if i had a bank account. >> bank accounts are essential. they keep your money saved and that helps save for the future. most banks require information that may limit its pool of qualified applicants. encouraging to turn to costly and unsafe check captures. >> i do not feel safe carrying the money order that i get home. >> without a bank account, you are more vulnerable to loss, robbery, or theft. thankfully, the program was designed to meet the needs of every kind, so qualifying for a bank account is no longer a problem. even if you have had problems with an account in the past, have never had an account, or are not a u.s. citizen, bank on s.f. makes it easy for you to have an account. >> many people do not have a
5:49 pm
bank account because they might be in the check system, which means they had an account in the past but had problems managing it and it was closed. that gives them no option but to go to a cash -- check catcher for up to seven years. you want to give these people second chance. >> to find account best for you, follow these three easy steps. first, find a participating bank or credit union. call 211 or call one of our partner banks or credit unions and ask about the bank on s.f. account. both -- most bridges will have a sign in their window. second, ask about opening an account through bank on s.f.. a financial partner will guide you through this process and connect you with the account that is best for you. third, bring some form of identification. the california id, for an id, or your passport is fine. >> now you have open your account. simple?
5:50 pm
that is exactly why it was designed. you can access your account online, set up direct deposit, and make transfers. it is a real bank account. >> it is very exciting. we see people opening up second accounts. a lot of these people never had account before. people who have problems with bank accounts, people without two ids, no minimum deposit. we are excited to have these people. >> it has been a great partnership with bank on s.f. because we are able to offer checking, savings, minimarkets, certificates, and loans to people who might not be about to get accounts anywhere else. even if you have had a previous account at another financial institutions, we can still open an account for you, so you do not need to go to a check cashing place, which may turn to two percent of your monthly income. >> you can enroll in free
5:51 pm
educational services online. just as it -- visit with services like financial education classes and one-on-one meetings with advisers, asset smart money network makes it easy for you to learn all you need to know about managing, saving, investing, and protecting your money. the network offers access to hundreds of financial aid programs. to help their eruptions, fill out the quick questionnaire, and you will be steered to the program you are looking for. >> who want to make sure everyone has the chance to manage their money successfully, keep their money safe, and avoid getting ripped off. >> it sounds very good. i think people should try that one. >> to find out more, visit or call 211 and ask about the bank on s.f.
5:52 pm
program. >> now you can have a bank account. open one today. as a society we've basically failed big portion of our population if you think about the basics of food, shelter safety a lot of people don't have any of those i'm mr. cookie can't speak for all the things but i know say, i have ideas how we can address the food issue. >> open the door and walk through that don't just stand looking out. >> as they grew up in in a how
5:53 pm
would that had access to good food and our parent cooked this is how you feed yours this is not happening in our country this is a huge pleasure i'm david one of the co-founder so about four year ago we worked with the serviced and got to know the kid one of the things we figured out was that they didn't know how to cook. >> i heard about the cooking school through the larkin academy a. >> their noting no way to feed themselves so they're eating a lot of fast food and i usually eat whatever safeway is near my home a lot of hot food i was excited that i was eating lunch enough instead of what and eat.
5:54 pm
>> as i was inviting them over teaching them basic ways to fix good food they were so existed. >> particle learning the skills and the food they were really go it it turned into the is charity foundation i ran into my friend we were talking about this this do you want to run this charity foundations and she said, yes. >> i'm a co-found and executive director for the cooking project our best classes participation for 10 students are monday they're really fun their chief driven classes we have a different guest around the city they're our stand alone cola's we had a series or series still
5:55 pm
city of attorney's office style of classes our final are night life diners. >> santa barbara shall comes in and helps us show us things and this is one the owners they help us to socialize and i've been here about a year. >> we want to be sure to serve as many as we can. >> the san francisco cooking school is an amazing amazing partner. >> it is doing that in that space really elevates the space for the kids special for the chief that make it easy for them to come and it really makes the experience pretty special. >> i'm sutro sue set i'm a chief 2, 3, 4 san francisco. >> that's what those classes afford me the opportunity it breakdown the barriers and is
5:56 pm
this is not scary this is our choice about you many times this is a feel good what it is that you give them is an opportunity you have to make it seem like it's there for them for the taking show them it is their and they can do that. >> hi, i'm antonio the chief in san francisco. >> the majority of kids at that age in order to get them into food they need to see something simple and the evidence will show and easy to produce i want to make sure that people can do it with a bowl and spoon and burner and one pan. >> i like is the receipts that are simple and not feel like it's a burden to make foods the
5:57 pm
cohesives show something eased. >> i go for vera toilet so someone can't do it or its way out of their range we only use 6 ingredients i can afford 6 ingredient what good is showing you them something they can't use but the sovereignties what are you going to do more me you're not successful. >> we made a vegetable stir-fry indicators he'd ginger and onion that is really affordable how to balance it was easy to make the food we present i loved it if i having had access to a kitchen i'd cook more. >> some of us have never had a
5:58 pm
kitchen not taught how to cookie wasn't taught how to cook. >> i have a great appreciation for programs that teach kids food and cooking it is one of the healthiest positive things you can communicate to people that are very young. >> the more programs like the cooking project in general that can have a positive impact how our kids eat is really, really important i believe that everybody should venting to utilize the kitchen and meet other kids their age to identify they're not alone and their ways in which to pick yours up and move forward that. >> it is really important to me the opportunity exists and so i
5:59 pm
do everything in my power to keep it that. >> we'll have our new headquarters in the heart of the tenderloin at taylor and kushlg at the end of this summer 2014 we're really excited. >> a lot of the of the conditions in san francisco they have in the rest of the country so our goal to 257bd or expand out of the san francisco in los angeles and then after that who know. >> we'd never want to tell people want to do or eat only provide the skills and the tools in case that's something people are 2rrd in doing. >> you can't buy a box of psyche you have to put them in the right vein and direction with the right kids with a right place address time those kids don't have this you have to instill they can do it they're
6:00 pm
good enough now to finding out figure out and find the future for >> [gavel] good afternoon everyone. welcome to the thursday november 19, 2015 meeting of the public safety and neighborhood services committee of the san francisco board of supervisors. my name is eric mar. to my left is supervisor julie christensen and we will have the arrival of our supervisor david campos. our clerk is erica major and televised by sfgtv and thank you so much to them for televising us. please give the announcements. >> please silence all cell phones and


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